Hedgehogs stuffed

Hedgehogs stuffed


For the pastry:
250g. of flour,
1/2 glass of milk,
one and a half spoonfuls of olive oil,
1/2 yeast cube,
1/2 teaspoon of sugar,
1/2 teaspoon of salt.
Choose your own filling:
1 700g. glass bottle of Valfrutta Smooth Tomato Sauce
1 400g. can of Valfrutta Steamed Sweetcorn

Hedgehogs stuffed
Hedgehogs stuffed



Preparation and cooking time

120 min

Suitable for


Recipe for:

2 People

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Prepare this recipe with:

Steamed sweetcorn

Ingredients: Sweetcorn, water, salt.

Steamed Sweetcorn: tender and crunchy golden grains, naturally sweet, with no added sugar. A natural source of protein and fibre, Valfrutta Sweetcorn makes healthy eating tastier.

Valfrutta Steamed Sweetcorn is available in a 160g can three-pack, in a single 400g can and in a 400g can three-pack.


For the pastry: mix together the flour, oil, salt, sugar and yeast dissolved in the milk. Form a ball and leave to raise for 2 hours. In a separate bowl, mix the following for the filling: the Valfrutta Smooth Tomato Sauce, the Valfrutta Steamed Sweetcorn, the mushrooms, the ham and the cheese. When 2 hours have passed, roll out the pastry and form 4 drop shaped pieces, cover 2 parts with the ingredients, cover them with the other 2 parts and seal them carefully. Insert the eyes (pepper) and cut with scissors for the body. Bake in the oven for 20' at 170°. 

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