Broad bean and chicory purée
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Broad bean and chicory purée


150g. of Valfrutta dried Split Broad Beans - Classic Products range
200g. of fresh chicory
1 small red onion
1 small bunch of oregano
extra virgin olive oil
2 spoonfuls of grated goat's cheese
salt and chilli pepper 

Broad bean and chicory purée



Preparation and cooking time

45-60 min

Suitable for

Vegetable lovers, Celiac disease sufferers, Teenagers, Adults

Recipe for:

4 People


Family dinner, Dinner with friends

Prepare this recipe with:

Split Broad Beans - the Classic Dishes range

Obtained from completely hulled beans, which means the outer skin has been removed, the split beans are oval-shaped and creamy-yellow in colour. With their full flavour, they are excellent for preparing smooth soups and imaginative side dishes, combined with bitter green vegetables like wild chicory, watercress and fennel.


Boil the broad beans in salted water for 50 minutes and, when half cooked, add the washed chicory cut into large chunks. Sauté the onion with the chilli pepper and the oregano in a little oil in a pan. Drain the broad beans and place them in the pan with the onion, crushing and stirring to obtain a compact purée. Remove from the heat and add grated pecorino cheese to taste, stir and serve. 

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