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Renewable energies, respect for the environment

We keep it natural through our virtuous methods, contributing to avoiding emission into the atmosphere of 19,000 tons of Co2 per annum, equivalent to the consumption of around 4,000 cars.

Whether it is production, transport or reuse of waste products, we try to protect the environment and assist sustainable development in all phases of our work.

This is confirmed by the fact that all six Valfrutta plants use green energy. In 2006, we set up a consortium with other agricultural food companies for the construction of wind farms in the province of Foggia.

The wind power we produce (180,000 MWh/p.a.) is more than sufficient to cover all our production activities. We focus on the environment and the landscape here as well: the Alberona wind farm received an award as the best European project at the 2006 Landscape Biennial in Barcelona.

Wind power is not our only priority: since 2010,our plant in Pomposa (FE) has had a biomass system which allows reuse of agricultural processing by-products to produce electricity. This controlled anaerobic digestion system transforms the methane and CO2 mixture produced by vegetable waste into fuel, which is then used to produce electricity. This allows us to produce 30% of the energy consumed at the plant cleanly. Another plant is currently being planned in Alseno (PI).

There is a co-generation plant at the Barbiano plant, which allows us to use the steam produced in pasteurising products to produce clean energy.

The way we transport our products also contributes to reducing our ecological footprint. We have been using a multimodal traffic system since 1995: this is an integrated road-rail system, which we expect to use to transport 80,000 tons of products in 2011, with reduced CO2 emissions compared to traditional road transport. 

Our members talk about our values - renewable energies, respect for the environment

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