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Picked and canned on the same day

Management of time and logistics are essential aspects of our work at Valfrutta, as the quality of our products depends on it.

Ensuring even conserved products are always fresh and healthy means limiting the picking and canning times in order to protect their organoleptic characteristics.
The picking machines used ensure a safe product which is suitable for canning is sent to the plant: fruit and vegetables selected on the basis of their appearance and flavour. That is not all. Valfrutta crops are always grown close to the plants and when we say close, we mean really close: crops reach the canning and packaging plants in the space of just a few hours. This also allows technical personnel and agronomists to be present and physically follow and monitor the product, from the field to the factory.

We are always rewarded for the rapidity of these processes: when a Valfrutta bottle or can is opened, you are always certain to find the natural flavour and fragrance of a carefully chosen and packaged product, as if it had just been picked.

Our members talk about our values - picked and canned on the same day

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