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Range and Italian origin of products

When you buy a Valfrutta product, you know it comes from an Italian field and has been grown by one of our consortium members, according to Valfrutta certified regulations and systems.

It is the members themselves who have the greatest interest in satisfying this principle, and also the awareness that each fruit, or its variety, has a specific destination and must therefore be subjected to strict control procedures.

The product varieties are, in fact, chosen on the basis of essential parameters, such as whether they are suitable for transformation, resistant to disease, and also productivity, even ripening and their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

This is all strictly linked to the origin of the raw materials: the Valfrutta world includes agronomists, who study the quality of the soils and establish which crops can be grown, on the basis of strict criteria relating to the potential of the land and its ability to host and grow the various plant varieties, and the farmers who then grow them.

Every day, we offer you only the best fruits of our land by guaranteeing the traceability and Italian origin of the products, making the most of the geographical proximity of the fields and the plants and performing controls on the correct destination of each variety.

Our members talk about our values - range and Italian origin of products

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