Borlotti beans in Gremolata with capers
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Borlotti beans in Gremolata with capers


200g. of Valfrutta dried Borlotti beans - Classic Products range
1 orange
50g. of pickled capers
1 small bunch of parsley
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper 

Borlotti beans in Gremolata with capers



Preparation and cooking time

45-60 min

Suitable for

Vegetable lovers, Celiac disease sufferers, Lactose intolerance sufferers, Children 6-12, Teenagers, Adults

Recipe for:

4 People


Family dinner, Dinner with friends, Al fresco dining

Prepare this recipe with:

Borlotti beans - The Classic Dishes range

Classic Borlotti beans, ivory or pink in colour with reddish-brown mottling and a high protein content. Nutritious and full of fibre, they are an excellent substitute for meat. With their typical full and strong flavour, they are delicious in salad or in highly-flavoured soups and risottos, as well as in scrumptious croquettes and veggie burgers.


Ingredients: Parsley.

Valfrutta Parsley is available in a 30g resealable tray or a 100g packet.


Boil the Borlotti beans for 50 minutes in 2 litres of lightly salted water. Soaking them overnight reduces the cooking time by half. In the meantime, grate the orange peel and place it in a dish, add the chopped capers and parsley, 4 spoonfuls of oil, salt and pepper. Drain the Borlotti beans and dress with the sauce.

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