Stuffed potato baskets

Stuffed potato baskets


250g. of Valfrutta Spinach
2 eggs
2 potatoes
chives, celery
1 carrot
150g. of grated cheese
extra virgin olive oil 

Stuffed potato baskets
Stuffed potato baskets



Preparation and cooking time

20-45 min

Suitable for

Vegetable lovers

Recipe for:

4 People

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Ingredients: Spinach.

Valfrutta Spinach is grown in Italy using the integrated farming method.


Ingredients: Chives.

Valfrutta Chives are available in a 30g. resealable tray.


Ingredients: Parsley.

Valfrutta Parsley is available in a 30g resealable tray or a 100g packet.


Peel the potatoes and use a potato peeler to cut them into thin strips (around 20). Grease 4 aluminium cups and line them with the potato strips, to form small baskets; bake in the oven for around 8 minutes with the grill function. Remove when the potato strips are golden in colour; leave to cool and place in the fridge for 10 minutes. Remove the baskets from the cups. The filling: Boil the remaining potatoes with the carrot and celery, parboil the Valfrutta Spinach in salted water, squeeze the spinach and leave it to cool. Blend the vegetables in the mixer and mix with the egg, cheese, chives and a handful of breadcrumbs. Fill the baskets and press down the mixture, place in a preheated oven for 15 minutes at 90°. Serve with a sprinkling of parsley. 

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