Flowers in corn batter

Flowers in corn batter


2 150g. cans of Valfrutta Steamed Sweetcorn
10 Piccadilly tomatoes
10 mozzarella balls
several leaves of lettuce
extra virgin olive oil
salt as needed 

Flowers in corn batter
Flowers in corn batter



Preparation and cooking time

5 min

Suitable for

Vegetable lovers

Recipe for:

2 People

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Ingredients: Sweetcorn, water, salt.

Steamed Sweetcorn: tender and crunchy golden grains, naturally sweet, with no added sugar. A natural source of protein and fibre, Valfrutta Sweetcorn makes healthy eating tastier.

Valfrutta Steamed Sweetcorn is available in a 160g can three-pack, in a single 400g can and in a 400g can three-pack.

Lollo lettuce

Ingredients: Green baby lettuce

Valfrutta Baby Lettuce is grown in Italy using the integrated farming method. It is available in a 60g, 100g and 200 g packet.


Wash the cherry tomatoes and the lettuce, make small cuts in the top of the cherry tomatoes to given them a petal shape and insert a mozzarella ball into each. Spread the lettuce on a serving plate, pour on the Valfrutta Steamed Sweetcorn, decorate the edge of the plate with the cherry tomatoes and dress with extra virgin olive oil and salt to taste. 

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