Happy fish

Happy fish


250g. of Valfrutta Chickpeas,
2 spoonfuls of tahini paste (sesame cream),
3 spoonfuls of vegetarian mayonnaise,
1 spoonful of sweet mustard,
15 small pickled capers,
the juice of half a lemon,
one small garlic clove.
For the decoration:
a carrot,
a courgette,
dried thyme or oregano 

Happy fish
Happy fish



Preparation and cooking time

5 min

Suitable for

Celiac disease sufferers

Recipe for:

4 People

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Ingredients: Chickpeas, water, salt.

Big and tasty, Valfrutta Chickpeas are full of vitamins, fibre and essential substances for our bodies, ideal for preparing imaginative first and second courses, but also delicious appetizers and single dishes.

Valfrutta Chickpeas are available in a 360g and 570g glass bottle.


If you want to astound your guests with "special effects", prepare this happy fish! Blend the Valfrutta Chickpeas with all the ingredients to obtain a fairly thick cream/purée (add a little water if necessary). Place in the centre of an oval plate and mould into the shape of a fish, using your hands to shape the edges and the back of a teaspoon to smooth the surface. Remove any traces from the edges of the plate. Cut the carrot in half and then into round half slices, cut the courgette skin into thin strips with a potato peeler. Use the round half slices of carrot for the scales and the courgette strips for the edges, the head and the tail. The eye is a caper, but you can also use an olive. Sprinkle the carrot-scales with thyme or oregano and dress with a little extra virgin olive oil if you wish. Serve cold as an appetiser. 

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