Ham and Russian salad parcels
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Ham and Russian salad parcels


1 400g. can of Valfrutta Mixed Vegetables
1 spoonful of dry white wine 
4 slices of ham 
4 spoonfuls of mayonnaise 
1 chive 

Ham and Russian salad parcels



Preparation and cooking time

10-20 min

Suitable for

Celiac disease sufferers, Teenagers, Adults

Recipe for:

4 People


Dinner with friends, Al fresco dining

Prepare this recipe with:

Mixed vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas)

The sweetest potatoes, carrots and peas in a tasty mix full of vitamins, fibre and essential substances for our bodies. Cut and ready for use, Valfrutta Mixed Vegetables are tasty and ideal for preparing delicious Russian salads and side dishes.


Drain the Mixed Vegetables into a bowl and add the mayonnaise. Add the wine, salt and pepper and mix gently. Spread out the slices of ham and place the filling on the shortest side. Wrap into cylinders and cut them in half. Cut off the green part of the chive (set aside the white part for other dishes), rinse in cold water and cut into strips along the entire length, Use the strips to tie the ham and Russian salad rolls. They can be cut into short rolls and served as a tasty appetizer. 

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