Valfrutta for the environment


Valfrutta for the environment

The field

  • Choice of the land

    The quality we bring to your table every day originates from the land and the methods used, right from the seeds which will become plants, flowers and then fruits. The right land for crop growing must therefore be identified and crop rotation used to avoid diseases requiring treatment. 

  • Choice of the seeds

    We focus particular attention on choosing the seeds, which are never GMO, as it is the seed which encloses the qualities our products will have. It is the seed which gives the plant the strength it needs to grow naturally, with minimal use of substances which could be harmful for the environment. Greater control of seeds and their selection has been guaranteed by creating Tera Seeds, a specialised company and wholly owned subsidiary of Conserve Italia, which finds, assesses and supplies the best seeds to suit our needs. 

  • Choice of integrated farming

    Valfrutta has opted to use the integrated farming method, which best exploits the natural resources available and limits use of chemical substances. This firmly desired choice has been possible thanks to the support of our technicians, who accompany the farmer step by step in choice of the seeds and the right growing times, also monitoring the environment over time. 

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