Valfrutta for the environment


Valfrutta for the environment


  • Environmental impact

    Constant attention is focused on the environmental impact of production activities at Valfrutta plants in all its phases. Our aim is to reduce the consumption of electricity, heat and water in processing and also limit the production of waste to a minimum. 

  • Water treatment

    Recycling is the key in use of water resources: all Valfrutta plants have closed water circuits which recirculate and reuse the same water several times. This allows us to recover around 70% of the water we use. Before being returned to the environment, the water is cleaned and analysed according to environmental performance indicators. 

  • Thermal energy

    We also try to improve plant performance in consumption of thermal energy every day, to limit the environmental impact. We use methane boilers to operate machinery at our plants where possible, as this is the least polluting of the various fossil fuels. To save energy, the residual steam is reused to heat the boiler water and reduce fuel use. 

  • Renewable energies

    We also work to protect the environment by producing renewable energy. Valfrutta is a member of the Romagna Energia Consortium which constructed the wind farms used to cover our electricity needs.
    This solution allows us to avoid emission of over 13,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. 

  • Recycling and waste disposal

    Waste is inevitable at the end of the production process, but we also work here to reduce the environmental impact. Recovery and reuse of waste from raw materials processing is optimised at the plants. The sludge from treating waste water is cleaned and used again in agriculture. We have also introduced a policy at all plants which allows us to recycle 90% of waste. 

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