Valfrutta for the environment


Valfrutta for the environment


  • The main plant

    Transporting raw materials to the plants and the final products to the distribution centres consumes energy. In this case as well, Valfrutta works to reduce consumption, limiting the length of journeys and therefore the impact on the environment. That is why our plants are located at an average 50 km from the fields: transport distance is therefore reduced and there is less pollution.

  • Logistics

    Logistics also helps us here: the plant where the raw materials are to be sent is already identified in the field, so superfluous movement of goods is avoided. Once processing is complete, we use rail transport where possible: 16% of our products currently "travel" by train, compared with a national average of 5% in the consumer goods sector*.

    (* source: Carlo Cattaneo University Logistics Research Centre).

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