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The production chain and the values of a cooperative

Healthy and natural products can only be guaranteed by precise controls in all phases of production. This has always been our mission: offering good and safe products, the result of the work of people with a face and a name, the over 17,000 Valfrutta members.

It is the farmers who have always been the key players at Valfrutta, since the very beginning, when they could be counted on the fingers of one hand, to now, with over 50 cooperatives located throughout Italy.
This means that our production is not only based on generations and generations of experience in the field, but also that it is the members themselves who have the greatest interest in following the procedures and guaranteeing the excellence of our products.

Being organised as a cooperative makes it possible not only to identify all the companies involved in production, but also to guarantee total traceability of all our products and therefore maximum quality for consumers. Each phase is carefully controlled, from careful selection of the seeds (never GMO) by our agronomists, to growing using the integrated farming method.

Valfrutta members focus their efforts and stake their reputation on each and every product. 

Our members talk about our values - The production chain and the values of a cooperative

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