Fruit Pulps

  • The Classic range

    Practical, tasty, light and natural: 100% Fruit Pulp is the range of 7 delectable flavours offering you the tastiness of the best fruit, selected by Valfrutta, with less than 65 calories , no preservatives and no added sugar, maintaining all their original nutritional values, because they contain fruit only

  • High-fibre

    The High-fibre Fruit Pulps are a range of creamy pulps offering all the goodness of fruit at any time of day, plus the benefits of fibre. Four scrumptious flavours to try, to feel light and dynamic every single day. 

  • Pure Fruit

    A new range of fresh fruit purées in the practical doypack. All the flavour of freshly picked fruit in two delicious and smooth creams, with no added sugar, for a light break whenever and wherever you want. 

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