Valfrutta for the environment


Valfrutta for the environment

The consumer

  • Consumer protection

    We are also working to protect consumers by systematically quantifying our operations in terms of environmental terms.

    We therefore plan to introduce the Carbon Footprint, which measures the impact which our production activities, from the seed to the final product, have in terms of greenhouse gases produced, measured in kg of CO2 .

  • Conserve Italia and the Environment Ministry: agreement signed

    On 13 June 2013, the Chairman of Conserve Italia, Maurizio Gardini, and the manager of the Environment Ministry, Corrado Clini, signed an agreement on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and possible neutralisation of CO2 emissions in the production chain, from the field to the table.

    The Group's support of the ministerial program - performed with the technical assistance of the Inter-University Centre for Development of Product Sustainability (CE.Si.S.P.) of Genoa University - is entirely voluntary and involves, for Valfrutta, assessment of the ecological footprint in the life cycle of the products Chopped Tomato, picked and canned on the same day, Pear Nectar and Borlotti Beans, picked and canned on the same day.

    The purpose of this analysis, the results of which will appear on labels during 2014, is to implement further virtuous actions to support environmental sustainability and competitiveness, with a view to protecting consumers. 

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