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Our members talk about our values

We keep it natural at Valfrutta.

The simplest way to explain our values is asking our people to speak: the specialists and technical operators who carry out research and controls on production, but, above all, the farmers themselves, the key players of the Valfrutta world.

We have therefore asked them to explain the cornerstones of the company to you: over fifty years of experience and innovation to obtain natural products, from the seed to the table. 

  • The production chain and the values of a cooperative

    Healthy and natural products can only be guaranteed by precise controls in all phases of production. This has always been our mission: offering good and safe products, the result of the work of people with a face and a name, the over 17,000 Valfrutta me...
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  • Range and Italian origin of products

    When you buy a Valfrutta product, you know it comes from an Italian field and has been grown by one of our consortium members, according to Valfrutta certified regulations and systems. It is the members themselves who have the greatest interest in sat...
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  • Valfrutta fresh products

    We also keep it natural by following the rhythm of the seasons and nature. This means our products are always connected to the land and what it offers us month by month. At Valfrutta, we study the characteristics of the land and past crop cycles to i...
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  • Renewable energies, respect for the environment

    We keep it natural through our virtuous methods, contributing to avoiding emission into the atmosphere of 19,000 tons of Co2 per annum, equivalent to the consumption of around 4,000 cars. Whether it is production, transport or reuse of waste products,...
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  • Integrated farming

    Here at Valfrutta, product quality principally means control of all production phases , from the seed to the final product. This means choosing certified seeds and no GMO seeds, but also managing fertilisers, control of the water used for agriculture ...
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  • Picked and canned on the same day

    Management of time and logistics are essential aspects of our work at Valfrutta, as the quality of our products depends on it . Ensuring even conserved products are always fresh and healthy means limiting the picking and canning times in order to pro...
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