In the kitchen with the kids

We like Cooking Naturally at Valfrutta, especially where small children are concerned. The Elisir di Salute experts and chef Vivien Reimbelli have helped us to create a handbook for all the family, containing the Nutritional Principles for a healthy and natural lifestyle, Recipes to delight children who are not so fond of fruit and vegetables and suggestions for a typical day with Valfrutta products. Discover all the secrets of Cooking Naturally! 

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    The nutritional values of Valfrutta

    We all know that prevention and health start with diet. Teaching our children to eat properly should therefore be an absolute priority every day. Our children's present and future health depends on a healthy and varied diet. Combined with the right amou...
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    Recipes for children aged 3 to 12

    Besides following the basic principles of a healthy diet for children, mealtimes should also be pleasant and fun, a moment to enjoy together. How food is presented is very important, particularly for very small children. Adding an unusual or fun touch c...
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    Recommended products

    Children's daily diet must satisfy the nutritional principles indicated, but also be appetising and imaginative, in order to teach them the right approach to food. The nutritional content must be suited to a very active lifestyle, with the right calorie...

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