Packaged Products

  • Preserved Vegetables and Pulses

    Preserved Vegetables and Pulses

    The best vegetables and pulses from our fields, in the Classic and Steamed Vegetables ranges, for people who want food to be healthy without losing its flavour

  • Tomato Preserves

    Tomato Preserves

    The best and most natural tomatoes from the fields of the Valfrutta cooperatives, picked when perfectly ripe and controlled throughout processing. The entire range of Sauces, Pulps and Peeled Tomatoes are here to make every dish a triumph of flavour. 

  • Juices and Drinks

    Juices and Drinks

    The Valfrutta classic juices, obtained from the tastiest fresh fruit varieties, in the Single-portion, Family Size and Smoothie formats, to satisfy everyone. 

  • Fruit Pulps

    Fruit Pulps

    All the flavour of freshly-picked fruit in three ranges of delicious and varied fruit pulps, in the Classic and High-fibre versions, with all the benefits of fibre, and the Pure Fruit range, in the practical doypack. 

  • Dried Pulses and Cereals

    Dried Pulses and Cereals

    Discover how tasty healthy eating can be: quality pulses and cereals, carefully selected and gently dried to maintain all the original nutritional values, essential for a healthy and light diet, in harmony with nature and your body's needs

  • Fruit


    The sweet and fresh flavour of the best fruit varieties, selected by our experts and packaged immediately, in four delicious ranges with syrups and fruit nectars, grape sugar or combined in tasty fruit salads. 

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