Valfrutta menus

The Valfrutta passion for healthy and simple cooking is reflected in our menus, full of ideas and love of good food. Chef Vivien Reimbelli has always been a big fan of our products and has prepared both traditional and contemporary recipes for you, using simple ideas to combine a healthy diet with the needs of a hectic day-to-day life. An element of creativity is always there. 

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    Picnic Menu

    Picnic menu A menu dedicated to the last summer picnics before the cold weather arrives and the flips flops are put away until next year. Tasty and light meals which are also easy to take with you when you are out for the day. 
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    Iron-rich Menu

    The importance of elements like iron is sometimes underestimated, but it is vital for a balanced diet. Is it hard to imagine an iron-rich menu which does not turn us all into ... magnets? Join us in discovering how to satisfy this need with surprisingly...
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    Protein-rich Menu

    Proteins are an important part of our diet, since they are a major component of every cell in our bodies. Discover how to make a protein-rich menu tasty and interesting, with pulses and cereals which are quick and easy to use, but also a major source of no...
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    Evergreen Menu

     We all know healthiness starts with a balanced diet and we can also use vegetables full of antioxidants to prolong its positive effects over time. If we also discover how simple it is to combine tastiness and healthiness, we can create delicious m...
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    Light Menu

    The pace of modern life sometimes leads to unhealthy lifestyles, as we spend too much time sitting down and accumulating  toxins. We sometimes feel a genuine need to refresh our bodies: here is a menu full of detoxing and purifying substances which...
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    International Menu

    We always bring something with us when we come back from a journey: meetings, memories, emotions ... we can also bring new ingredients and recipes to our table. This international menu offers tasty and balanced recipes. 
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    Snack Menu

    Whether you are supporting a team in the Premier League or your local team, the most important thing is to share this passion with your friends and watch the game together. This is a simple and tasty menu, perfect for snacking without missing the action as...
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    Warm Autumn Menu

    Watching the rain fall outside the window has a certain charm, but what better to warm your heart than go into the kitchen and prepare tasty dishes? This is a delicious and comforting menu prepared especially rainy days by the Valfrutta chef. 

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